Apple re-invented the tablet category with the iPad, and now there's several different generations from which to choose.  Each of these have only slight differences, but they are all still identifiable!  When it comes to identifying your iPad on the website, there are 4 things you will to figure out:  iPad Generation, Storage, Antenna Type, and Carrier (if applicable).  Read below to learn how to figure out which iPad you have.

1. The Generation

Finding the generation of your iPad is the most important and hardest step.  Once you find which generation you have, the storage capacity, antenna type, and (if applicable) carrier are all relatively easy to figure out.

1st Generation:  As the picture above demonstrates, it has a rounded back, and no camera to speak of.  If you find your iPad has these 2 things, you have a 1st generation iPad.

2nd Generation:  The second generation of iPad, or iPad 2, has a front and rear facing camera for taking pictures, and video calls.  The picture of will also show that the back side has been flattened, so it's no longer rounded.  If you look at the actual display, you'll also see that the pixels are pretty large, and you should be able to distinguish between them fairly easily.

3rd Generation:  The iPad 3 (also known as "The New iPad") looks a lot like the iPad 2, but there are some key differences.  The easiest way to tell if you have a 3rd generation iPad is the display is that it has a retina display, which means it will be near impossible to distinguish individual pixels.  If you can't see the screen just look on the back, the bottom writing in the center will have one of three numbers: A1416, A1430, A1403; if it has one of these numbers then you have an iPad 3!

2. Storage capacity

The iPad can have several different kinds of storage capacities, but it's fairly easy to figure out which you have.  You can go into your settings then tap "about," and it will let you know what capacity your iPad is.  If you can't get to settings, just look on the bottom, under the word "iPad," and it will let you know.  See the below picture for reference.

3. The antenna type

The iPad comes in one of two antenna veriations: WiFi only, and WiFi+3G/4G.  WiFi only means that you can only connect through the WiFi.  WiFi+3G/4G means that you can connect to the internet via WiFi OR cellular signal, typically 3G or 4G.  You know you have a WiFi only model when, on the back side, the only black part is the apple logo.  The WiFi+3G/4G models will have a black bar across the top, as illustrated by the picture below.

4. Carrier

iPads currently can come on one of two carriers: AT&T and Verizon.  To find this out, simply go into your settings, tap "about," and scroll down to "Carrier."  It will let you know what carrier your iPad is registered to.  If your iPad is a WiFi only model, you will not have a carrier registered to it.


Now that you know what iPad you have, you can always choose to sell it to, if you wish.  Just type in iPad 3G 32 GB if this happens to be yours, and generate your quote right on the spot!

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